FIRE 1996: Story of two lesbians “RADHA & SITA” this Pride Month

Sex or Homosexuality, in particular, had been a taboo in India. Whenever Filmmakers tried to explore this domain of society, they were neither encouraged nor supported. But few Filmmakers in this ocean of Indian Cinema were always open to these topics. Through their films, they had put a question mark on society’s conventional and toxic … Read moreFIRE 1996: Story of two lesbians “RADHA & SITA” this Pride Month

Shabana Azmi: Boldness & Betrayal

Shabana Azmi is one of the best actresses that Hindi Cinema ever had, she has done different kinds of roles in her career spanning over four decades and over 100 films both in Parallel and Mainstream cinema, and one interesting thing that her filmography has is Infidelity caused by Infertility, Here are four films of … Read moreShabana Azmi: Boldness & Betrayal


In INDIAN SOCIETY, You know who is an ideal woman? well there can be lot of subjective answers for this , But traditional Indian society, definite and consensual norms of behavior handed down from the past regulated the conduct of women. For example, the Concept of woman as Sita is prevalent in Indian society. Sita, … Read moreWOMEN ADULTERY IN INDIAN CINEMA