THE GODFATHER is regarded as one of the greatest films ever made in the history of cinema. Every Filmmaker & every cinema in the world had been impacted by it, so is Indian Cinema. But rather than adapting the subtleness of this masterpiece Indian filmmakers had messed up its beauty& value for Indian viewers with … Read moreHow BOLLYWOOD Ruined THE GODFATHER???


Shershaah is a recently released Hindi/BOLLYWOOD film on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video. The film is based on the life of Param Vir Chakra awardee Captain VIKRAM BATRA who fought the 1999 Kargil War with great strength & fearlessness like a lion. He was awarded Indian Army’s highest gallantry award posthumously and he became … Read moreSHERSHAAH: A Relief from HYPER-NATIONANLISM???

1964 Bollywood film with War, Rape, & Nationalism survived Censorship

After the country gained Independence and witnessed gruesome partition, Hindi cinema’s attempts of adding nationalist & patriotic themes to its films got reduced to very few films. One of the main reasons behind this was the uncompromising attitudes of the censor board. the censor board despite guaranteeing freedom of expression after independence has had issues … Read more1964 Bollywood film with War, Rape, & Nationalism survived Censorship

DHARTI KE LAL: a film that inspired DO BIGHA ZAMIN

When it comes to the depiction of rural life & farmers in Hindi Cinema aka BOLLYWOOD we talk about films like LAGAAN(2001), MOTHER INDIA (1957), DO BIGHA ZAMIN(1953), etc. But do we know about one of the most realistic depictions of rural life, poverty, hunger, prostitution, love in a pre-independence Hindi film??? DHARTI KE LAL … Read moreDHARTI KE LAL: a film that inspired DO BIGHA ZAMIN

KABIR SINGH v/s NEWTON: Story Complication

KABIR SINGH & NEWTON, both films named on Protagonist, both the protagonists deals with internal conflicts, like too much anger and too much honesty, & their internal conflicts and personalities puts them in opposition with society and usual norms, and they have two choices either they surrender and become like them or they resist, and … Read moreKABIR SINGH v/s NEWTON: Story Complication


When it comes to Bollywood, the subject of Gender Sensitization hardly gets addressed through films. But few films do talk about LGBTQ Community in either conventional narrative or else through unconventional masterpieces. Today we are comparing one conventional Bollywood film with an unconventional one & both films represent GAY MEN.ALIGARH (2015) & DOSTANA (2008) are … Read moreALIGARH v/s DOSTANA : GAY CINEMA & BOLLYWOOD


INDIAN CINEMA from its very beginning had been more of a medium of Popular Entertainment/Culture than an ART form, Popular culture or pop-culture is the combination of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images, and other phenomena that are within the mainstream of a given culture The expression ‘popular culture’ is preferred as it denotes what majority of … Read morePOPULAR CINEMA: MAINSTREAM MASSALA OF INDIAN CINEMA