OM SHANTI OM: A Mockery of Bollywood

In 2007 Director Farah Khan made her career-best directorial venture with the king of Bollywood in it, OM SHANTI OM was one of the biggest hits of 2007 and one of its kind in terms of its uniqueness because of a perfect mixture of cringe Bollywood melodrama along with intense storytelling. Let’s look at how this Bollywood massala spoofed Hindi cinema and also mocked it in some ways:

  • BOLLYWOOD MOVIES REFRENCES: OM SHANTI OM had a lot refrences from Bollywood films, mostly from melodramatic movies. In the film the idea of reincarnation of ShahRukh Khan’s Characteer as Om Prakash Makhija to OM Kapoor was inspired from a bundle of bollywood movies from 1970-80s where it was a trademark to reincarnate the hero to fulfill his unfinished tasks, mainly to take revenge frim the villsain, SRK himself had earlier played a character in the film Karan Arjun where he vwas reincarnated in the later half of the film with his broter to take the revenge of thier mother.

There is one more scene in the film where the character of Om Prakash(Shahrukh khan) a junior artist saves actress Shanti Priya(Deepika Padukone) from fire and Shanti Priya thanked him by going on a romantic date with him, well that scene is said to be inspired by the hugely popular Bollywood film of 1957 MOTHER INDIA where on the sets an incident happens, the set caught fire & Actress Nargis was struck in it and Actor Sunil Dutt saved her and from there the two became lovers and later got married.

In another scene where Om Prakash tries to impress Shanti Priya in a fight action scene, there was a fuffy soft tiger in that scene which om is imitating to defeat in a tough battle, that scene is said to be inspired by the Bollywood film Tarzan 303 released in 1970.

And the film’s second half and its intense dramatic ending are said to be inspired by Bimal Roy’s directed Masterpiece Madhumati released in 1958. Msdhumati also has elements of rebirth & reincarnation in it.

  • Stardom or Branding: Stardom is a very crucial element in the movie industry, and when it comes to bollywood, stars are not merely follwed but rather worshipped in many ways. The character of Rajesh Kapoor in the film is reminence of Rajesh Khanna and trhe kapoor family. Rajesh khanna is ther major inspiration as he was the first superstar of bollywood, and the sirname kapoor is added yo give a tribute to the biggest film lineahge or film familynof hindi cinema, the kapoor family, pioneered by RAJ KAPOOR.

The FILMFARE awards segment in the film also shows the importance of a Filmfare award in the Hindi movie industry, many times controversies emerged around who is deserving of the award, many times actors have complained and sometimes returned their award due to lack of acknowledgment. Sometimes actors like Rishi Kapoor have reportedly tried to buy the best actor trophy so that it can give them heights of stardom and acclaim and they can charge more money or get better positions than others, Shahrukh Khan also once tried to buy the best actor award but couldn’t, to get more attention of the audience towards his work. In the film, the award ceremony is shown in a satirical manner where actors are seen having a rivalry with each other, and when OM KAPOOR was nominated it showed that he was nominated for all similar kinds of romantic roles still gets awards, in real SRK also gets nominated for all similar kind of romantic roles and still he has the highest no. of Filmfare Best Actor Award.

  • Bitter Truths of the Movie Industry: In the film the lead actors SRK & shreyas talpade are seen playing junior artists and there are scenes where it was shown how junior artist were mistreated by producers and assistant directors where on the other hand stars were given red carpet treatment. In reality it was also the same, now it has changed a lot but there were times in bollywood where junior artists were considerd not more than commodities.

In another scene of the film, the director said to the producer while restarting the shooting that he has placed one Guru Dutt Angle, one Satyajit Ray Angle, and one Bimal Roy Angle, to which the producer Mukesh Mehra replied that you should also set up on Manmohan Desai Angle as in the last it is the one which is going to work for us. This scene very satirically and silently commented on the Indian movie-going audience and film reception trend in the early filmmaking times. As the earlier three directors are said to be artistically driven and critically acclaimed but their films are not always well received by the mass audience on the other hand for Manmohan Desai it is the opposite, he is one of the most successful directors of his times in terms of film’s commercial viability.

  • Song Sequences and Costumes: The most popular song of the film DEEWANGI DEEWANGI has more than 30 bollywood stars featured in it alongwith SRK, it was inspired from the song John Jni Janardan in Amitabh Bachchan starring Naseeb. Costume designer Manish Malhoptyra also took inspiration from this song while designing costume for this song. Cameos are bollywood’s one of the oldest marketing tactics to increase the film’s hype, and in OM SHANTI OM there are two sequences of such cameos one in the Filmfare awards ceremony and second in DEEEWANGI DEEWANGI Song.

In the song MAI AGAR KAHOON, Om Praksh dress is inspired from Rajesh Khanna’s costume in the film MEHBOOBA Released in 1976 because in the film his favourite actor is is Rajesh kapoor and as we already told you earlier rajesh kapoor is a reminence of Rajesh Khanna.

Deepika Padukone is said to have ibserved the body language of Hema Malini and Helen and her dressing and costumes as shanti priya is also seems to be ispired by them. In one song DHOOM TANA NA, Padukone is seeing dancing with actors like Sunil Dutt from Amarpali(1966), Rajesh Khanna from Sachcha Jhoota(1970) & Jitendra from Jay Vijay(1977), one can clearly observe her cosyumes in all those scenes. Shanti Priya”s film Dreamy Girl was inspired from Hema malini’s DREAM GIRL released in 1977.

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