AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY: a tale of fateful coincidences

Amar Akbar Anthony is a very popular Bollywood film. It was one of the best-regarded and hit films of the 1970s. Hindi cinemas most successful director at that time Manmohan Desai directed this film. If you look for logical coherence in the film then you will stop watching this film at the very establishing shot where all three characters Amar, Akbar, and Anthony were lying on the hospital beds to give blood to their mother though they are unknown of the fact she is their mother and also that they are brothers, perfect incidents like these are what this film is filled with.

but if you can put logical coherence on one side then this film will look to you as a perfectly structured plot, where each scene gets connected to another scene seamlessly, Even the song sequences are perfectly structured in the plot like Shirdi wale Sai baba song where their mother gets eyesight at the right time at the right place to escape the tense situation

The narrative that this film adapts is a linear narrative, stating the sorry from the point of no return – a family, or you can say a happy family got disrupted into parts by a dreadful incident and from that point, they got reunited in the end due to several other disruptions or you can say “Fateful Coincidences”. The fate of this family was determined by incidents that helped characters realize some facts so that they can put the pieces of the puzzle together and make a clear picture of the family.

In a way, we can say this is a very incidental film where incidents happen in such a way to progress our protagonists- Amar, Akbar, & Anthony in a certain direction which will fulfill the story’s aim & not the character’s aim which is- ” To unite the once again like before.”

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