KABIR SINGH v/s NEWTON: Story Complication

KABIR SINGH & NEWTON, both films named on Protagonist, both the protagonists deals with internal conflicts, like too much anger and too much honesty, & their internal conflicts and personalities puts them in opposition with society and usual norms, and they have two choices either they surrender and become like them or they resist, and … Read moreKABIR SINGH v/s NEWTON: Story Complication

Shabana Azmi: Boldness & Betrayal

Shabana Azmi is one of the best actresses that Hindi Cinema ever had, she has done different kinds of roles in her career spanning over four decades and over 100 films both in Parallel and Mainstream cinema, and one interesting thing that her filmography has is Infidelity caused by Infertility, Here are four films of … Read moreShabana Azmi: Boldness & Betrayal